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Terms and Conditions


  • Your returned item must be received within 30 days of our despatch to you or (before 14th January for Christmas presents purchased after 1st November if the time of year is similar)

  • All products we sell are in pristine brand new, unused and unmarked condition (unless specifically mentioned otherwise). 

  • When you return an item to us it must be in the same condition as when you received it, so that we can put it back into stock and re-sell it to another customer.  Labels must still be attached to the product.  Damaged packaging will only be accepted if the damage was the minimum amount necessary to open the package and inspect the product or if the damage was caused in transit. Please do not tape or staple paperwork to the item or the packaging. Please use packing paper or plastic to cover the product and it's related branded packaging when returning. 

  • We are unable to provide refunds or credits for items you despatch which are not received by us or which are returned without any means of identification.

  • We will issue refunds up to the value of the original transaction. For refunds in excess of the original transaction value, credit notes will be issued.

  • If a returned item is lost in transit, you will need to make a claim against the carrier.

  • If we send you wrong or faulty items, goods you never ordered, or substitute goods you prefer not to accept, we will refund or issue a credit note to cover your return delivery charges providing you obtain our consent by email and use the return delivery method that we stipulate. Customers shall pay return delivery charges in all other instances.

  • Every effort is made to ensure the colours depicted on our websites match as closely as possible those of the actual products but differences may be apparent on some computer screens due to the technical properties of the screen used. Lighting conditions can also affect the appearance of colours.

  • Product specifications are checked to the best of our ability and, whilst every effort has been made to make them accurate, no responsibility will be accepted for errors and omissions. We reserve the right to alter product specifications without notice.

  • Birdie Golf Equipment accepts no liability for any loss or injury caused to individuals, property, possessions or third parties by the breakage (accidental, deliberate or otherwise) or misuse or manufacturing or design fault of any product supplied by us.

  • If we sell out of a product or are unable to supply you with a product you have purchased, we will offer you alternative products or provide a full refund.  We shall not be liable for any compensation claims for any breach of contract or any consequential losses or inconvenience you may have incurred.


  • All prices include UK VAT at the current rate, where and when applicable.

  • All prices, invoices, transactions and receipts will be in £ Sterling.

  • It is the policy of Birdie Golf Equipment to offer goods at the most reasonable price possible, however, if due to circumstances beyond our control we deem it necessary to alter any advertised price, special offer or promotion, we reserve the right to do so without prior notice.

  • All recommended retail prices (RRPs) are those provided by the manufacturers or distributors of the products in question.

  • All Previous Prices are those offered by The Boarding Company Limited for at least 28 days during the preceeding 6 months.


  • All credit and debit card transactions must be authorised by the card issuer. 

  • If the issuer of your card refuses to authorise payment to us or if validation of your card is not immediately available, Birdie Golf Equipment will not be liable for any delay and/or non-delivery of your order.

  • Birdie Golf Equipment reserves the right to:
    * Conduct our own enquiries into the validity of any credit or debit card and/or to use the services of any agent in doing so.
    * Restrict delivery to the cardholder’s address.
    * Decline any transaction or sale for any reason what so ever without declaring the reasons for such action.
    * Delay shipments until satisfied as to the authenticity of any payment via whatever means.

  • All items supplied to the customer remain the property of Birdie Golf Equipment until final payment of all sums owing in respect of those goods has been received in full by us.

We aim to deal with all complaints as effectively as possible. In the first instance, please message us via the website, letting us know your order reference and the issues that you have encountered. In most cases, we can resolve the issue very quickly. If further information is required, we may ask you to provide further detail or images via our email.